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Preventing muscle loss as we age

An article from the New York Times on how sarcopenia (a decline in skeletal muscle in older people) contributes to a loss of independence:


“Use it or lose it.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this advice. And I hope you’ve been following it. I certainly thought I was...

Berries and Oatmeal Yogurt

Healthy breakfast ideas

Some of my favourite healthy, protein-packed, go-to breakfasts!

Cross Fit Class

Can you lose weight through exercise


You want to lose weight. Knowing how to start a weight loss program can be a challenge and can be confusing. Should you do more exercise? Eat the same foods? Or just diet and do no exercise? The media often has conflicting views and makes it all look too simple. To cut through this, I’ve looked at the evidence from current research (this is research carried out on humans – not animals, that is peer reviewed and published in reputable journals and publications i.e. evidence based!) 

Musli Mix

Podcast: The psychology 

of behaviour change in nutrition

A podcast by Joe O'Brien (The Health Scientist) discussing the psychological factors involved in successful weight loss maintenance, the importance of behaviour change in public health initiatives and the importance of multidisciplinary teams in tacking the various aspects of "whole-body" mental health. 

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