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Testimonials continued -Feedback from regular live class participants:

1. Thanks Clare,

Didnt quite finish the recorded session this time, but needed to do the pilates/stretching.

Soo good, I've been doing your classes for exactly a year now and have really got stronger and lost half a stone in the process.

All my years at Riverview and never kept to weekly exercise class. In the summer was easily doing 2/3 of your classes per week!

Many thanks for sending

2. I have found the classes really excellent and they have certainly helped my all round physical strength. My hips and lower body are much more toned and stronger.

I can't believe I am ready to start using more weights! I never thought in my 60's I would be saying this ! I have never been in better shape and want to keep this going.

Can you advise on weight selection?

3. We are still loving the classes every week, wherever we are in the world!

We wouldn't change a single thing, you are absolutely brilliant!

Thanks so much for all your expertise and encouragement.

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