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My approach to nutrition is to help my clients break free from the idea of a 'diet' or prescriptive meal plans, focusing instead on introducing a balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition that will achieve your own specific results. 


I provide one-to-one guidance on nutrition, placing particular emphasis on attainable lifestyle changes.


The nutrition advice I provide is formed from evidence-based information, avoiding crash or 'fad' diets to ensure long-term, lasting results

I work with a large variety of clients, ranging from those wanting to lose weight to an osteoporosis diagnosis. I have also worked with clients suffering from eating disorders (in conjunction with a therapist, working as a multi-disciplined team). 

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Overview of Your Nutrition
2x 1 hour sessions plus a detailed report: €170

Bespoke Optimal Nutrition Plan
5x 1 hour sessions understanding your nutrition, and formulating an ideal plan that will work with your lifestyle: €350

Deepdive Nutrition Plan
8x 1 hour sessions to analyse your current nutrition habits, what needs to change and why, and how to make these changes sustainable and realistic: €560



PT sessions can be taken individually or combined with nutrition work. My ethos is that nutrition and exercise are wholly interlinked and that the best results can be achieved by working on both areas together. Bespoke packages can be created.

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