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Meet our qualified instructors. We are united in being passionate about fitness and using the latest techniques. All based on fact.


Our classes are all designed to give your whole body a full work out & include the best from Yoga, Pilates and of course Resistance training.


Our experience means that the instruction is easy to follow and in a format that is convenient for you – recordings to do in your own time or live classes.


Think of us as your Personal Trainer – when you want, where you want, with a new program

ready to go.


I have always loved understanding how the human body works. I studied Human Biological Sciences at Loughborough University, UK (BSc Honours Degree).


I graduated from University College Dublin as a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Mat Pilates instructor. Later I completed the MAC University Nutrition course graduating as a Certified Nutritionist. This evidence-based study of nutrition meant I could embrace the crucial link between fitness and nutrition. 


I've worked as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Instructor for the last few years, enjoying a really wide variety of clients, each with their own specific wellness goals. 


While weight loss and body composition are the most active part of my practice, I also work with clients diagnosed with osteoporosis and sarcopenia. I train new mums as they return to fitness, older clients who are looking to improve their mobility and taking on resistance training for the first time, and I have worked with clients in their 20s who want to develop a sustainable and positive approach to nutrition. 


I have personally taken on the occasional challenge – completing the New York Triathlon (finished 9th in my age category!), L’Étape (the final climbing stage of the Tour de France) and Ride Across Portugal.


I’m married with three amazing daughters – they're all just about grown up!


I have more than 20 years of experience in teaching all things Pilates. My classes are tough, very focused on good alignment and strength and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. I am also a certified Mac-Nutritionist and a Wellness Lifecoach. My passion is helping people achieve goals that they have struggled with.

I began my fitness career as a personal trainer and Les Mills Instructor, but from the moment I attended my first Pilates class I knew that it was the discipline for me.


After training with several schools of Pilates around the world, I completed my clinical comprehensive training with Polestar in the UK and USA and have been teaching Pilates for the past 16 years.


In 2016 I discovered the Oov, a piece of exercise equipment that fully supports the spine while allowing the body to move in all directions, facilitating better movement. Recognising how beneficial the Oov was to Pilates, I was keen to learn more and travelled to Sydney to complete my level 3 training with the creators. 


I live in Dublin with my husband and three children. I’m completely mad about dogs. My gorgeous doodle Pippa is a regular in my live classes with the occasional appearance from Josie, my daughter's guide dog. I love to travel when I can and spend time with friends and family.




I have always been an avid runner, and trained for many years. However, in recent years I have changed my fitness routine to include strength training, and additionally, I decided to turn my passion for health, fitness and strength into a qualification, so that I could guide and support others on their journey to a healthier, fitter and stronger self.


I am now a qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in strength and conditioning and cardiac care. I really enjoy training individuals as well as groups, from all levels – beginners to people at an advanced level. 


I‘I teach live as well as in-person classes, and really enjoy doing the strength and conditioning classes for SYF., as Clare says “it is a fabulous addition to the existing schedule”. As my classes are aimed to both improve your technique & knowledge base, whilst also providing a strong workout to build your confidence so that you quickly get toned, strong and lean. I really hope that you enjoy the class!

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I have always had a deep love for exercise and the great outdoors, so in 2014, I made a life-changing decision to follow this passion and pursue a career in fitness. I studied various forms of Pilates under the guidance of a 2nd generation Balanced Body instructor, focusing on Mat and Reformer Pilates.


Since 2015, I've been sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm by teaching in gyms and studios.

As we age, it is crucial to keep our bodies moving and incorporate exercise, especially resistance work. In my classes, we use light weights and the Pilates Circle/ring to add essential resistance to our workouts.


My classes help to make you feel stronger, longer, and more flexible. I focus on improving my clients' techniques to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from each workout. Remember, it's better to do five repetitions perfectly than twenty without benefit.


Join me, and together we'll work towards a stronger, healthier you.


PT sessions can be taken individually or combined with nutrition work. My ethos is that nutrition and exercise are wholly interlinked and that the best results can be achieved by working on both areas together. Bespoke packages can be created.

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